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Orthopedic furniture. Do we really need it or are we just being lazy? Ouch.

December 28, 2016



There are various forms of orthopedic furniture that are intended to help us with better posture through improved lumbar support and increased comfort. I question whether or not this ongoing support is doing us more harm than good. 


In many cases our posture is poor because our muscles are not stong enough to do their job. Rather than strengthening these muscles, we provide external support, inevitably making our muscles weaker from lack of use, in turn making our posture and back problems worse. 


The solution for many? Two words. Bikram Yoga.


If you can handle 90 minutes in a room heated to 110 degrees and 26 yoga postures, each performed twice, Bikram yoga is the best thing you can do for your body. 


I have endured regular aches and pains as far back as my teenage years, and Bikram yoga not only helped my posture, but completly eliminated all my joint pains, and my skin felt softer!


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