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Feeling like crap vs feeling fantastic: What’s your preference?

December 31, 2016

I remember when I was a teenager, there was a lot of partying.

Late nights. Drinking. Eating crap. Waking up the next day feeling like shite.


It wasn't until my early to mid-twenties when I finally realized,

I hate feeling horrible! Shocking.


We, as a species, tend to forget the last time we were hungover, so to speak,

and binge once again, only to wake up feeling like shite again.


Why do we do this? That's a tough question, but I can tell you that I much prefer

to wake up feeling rested and healthy and ready to go, and no amount of fun the

night before is worth taking that great feeling away.


If you don't want to give up the "fun" things in life (cake, alcohol, chips, pizza, late nights), plan a once a month event, when you can do any of these things, guilt free. Then carry on being healthy for the remaining 29 days of the month.


It's like your birthday every month! That's 12 birthdays, and you only aged 1 year!


If you think you have a food addiction however, this may not work for you.


Consider taking Susan Pierce's online quiz (link below)

to determine your level of susceptibility to food addiction.

Pierce really knows her stuff when it comes to food and weight loss.



So, what's your preference? Leave a comment below.

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