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How much wine per day is ok? Hint: you may not like the answer.

January 7, 2017


 In short, alcohol will never be good for you in any capacity. Ever. The end. 


I'm not sure who is coming up with the stats on how many glasses of wine or beer per day is ok for your health. I'm assuming it's research paid by the Liquor Control Boards of wherever. 


Here's the thing, we all (yes, I'm generalizing), like to get mildly intoxicated from time to time. Let's face it. Alcohol makes us prettier and we can be obnoxious and then blame it on the liquor. 


Hi, my name is Reality, and I'm here to tell you that alcohol will never, ever, ever be good for you, no matter how pretty the bottle.


  • It's hard on the kidneys.

  • It's foreign to the body.

  • It dries out tissues.

  • It weakens the immune system.


Am I suggesting you should never drink alcohol? No. It's a free country (at least it should be).


But rather than trying to fool yourself into thinking that a glass or two of wine a day is "good for you", just drink it knowing that your body isn't going to thank you with a fruit basket anytime soon. 




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