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The common cold: There will NEVER be a cure.

January 15, 2017



How long would you say the common cold virus has been around?

How about forever? Sound about right?

Yet, we ie. humans, have never found a cure.



Let me explain myself.

The cold virus is everywhere. He’s probably sitting beside you right now.

What? Beside me?! That's right. Wave!

So why then, are you not sick?

Because your immune system is doing what it was meant to. Keeping you from getting sick. Bravo immune system!


Why then is my neighbor coughing up a lung?

Because he or she has done something to compromise his/her immune system.

Not enough sleep. Not getting all the nutrients required. Stressed out. Too much alcohol. Not enough water. Smoking. Yada, yada.


Rather than doing all the things required to maintain a healthy immune system, we run around washing our hands and using anit-bacterial soaps and gels. THIS WILL NOT MAKE A DIFFERENCE!! This is just another way for companies to sell you stuff you don’t need. Not only do you not need it, it is ruining any chance you have of building up your own immunity to viruses.


Would you like to know the last time I found the cold virus? In the hospital. One of the most sterile environments you can find.


I felt it coming and ran screaming out of the hospital! Alas, it was too late. The virus had made it’s way into my low immuned body, and I suffered for it. I accept responsibility. I had failed my immunity. I was ashamed. I wasn’t really, but it makes for good story telling.


In summary. Please stop with all the anit-bacterial crap, and start working on strengthening your immune system through proper diet, rest and exercise. 


Thanks for reading. Comment below.


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