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Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Paleo, Carnivore, Raw, Air (made that one up): Which one is the best for your health? I have the answer!

January 26, 2017


None of the above. I always enjoyed this answer in multiple-choice questions. It meant you really knew the answer, or you had given up and just picked one.


I am vegan. The reason I became vegan originally was because of my understanding of what the farming industry had become, and how farm animals were now a product. What I read of the treatment of these factory farmed animals made me sick and  sad and angry and I could no longer support this.


I didn’t become vegan for my health or because it was the latest trend or for any other reason other than for the rights of animals. Period.


Fast forward 25 years, and I have flip flopped between vegan and vegetarian (now vegan for over a decade) and my belief that all animals should be treated humanely, stands strong.


With all that said, do I think everyone should be vegan? No, not necessarily. What I do believe however is that humans need to start looking at the source of their food if they truly want to be healthy.


Ask yourself these questions:?


  • Was your food locally grown or was it transported across the planet to get to your plate.

  • Were non-organic pesticides and herbicides used in the growing process of your fruits and vegetables and grains?

  • Did your meat, milk, eggs come from an animal who was treated humanely, free-range, living the way an animal would live in nature? Or was the animal kept in a cage or a barn or a crate, or a feed lot and given anti-biotics and hormones to grow faster?

  • Was your food processed to the point of being void of any nutrients?

  • Is your food fresh, or has it been in a can on a shelf for years.


The thing is, we instinctively know how to eat. Go ask the local squirrel or bird or groundhog what diet they are following, and they are going to look at you like you have 3 heads. “What the hell is a diet?” will likely be their response.


Humans are fantastic at complicating things, but no matter what type of diet you choose to follow, please consider these questions:


  • Can you eat, knowing you are supporting a local farmer? Then do it.

  • Can you eat, knowing the meat, eggs, milk you are consuming came from an animal who was treated in the most  compassionate and raised in the most natural means possible? Then do it.

  • Can you eat in a way that has as little impact to the planet possible? Then do it.

  • Can you eat in a way you know instinctively is right for your body? Then do it.


Enough with the "latest research" and fad diets. Act like a  squirrel and get back to eating the way you are supposed to. The planet, the animals and your health will love you for it.



Comment below.


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