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Recycling: What happened to the other 2 R’s?

February 11, 2017


 Recycling? What? I thought this was a health blog. I’m outta here.

No! Don’t go! I’m getting to my point. Be patient!


At some point in the not so distant past, many bigger cities decided it was a good idea to start encouraging the 3 R’s.





Fast forward to today, and it seems recycling is what people feel is the environmentally friendly thing to do. I suppose it’s better than tossing it into a landfill, but my question is, why have people forgotten about the other 2 R’s?


Reduce and Reuse


These 2 R’s are the most important of the three, yet Recycling made it centre stage. Diva.


Here’s what I think. We have taken the path of least resistance, and tossing an item into a blue, black or green box is much easier than finding a way of reducing our consumption or reusing what we already have. There is also the “Look! Something new and shiny!” syndrome.


Now let’s get back to your first question of how this has anything to do with your health.


Imagine, you live in a box, and that box keeps piling up with stuff and new stuff keeps getting generated and the pollution inside your box is getting worse.

Do you think you will remain healthy inside this box?


Now picture 7 billion of you living in a big box. Same scenario.


The generation of stuff uses energy. The transportation of stuff uses energy. The removal and recycling of stuff uses energy.


All of this energy is polluting our planet, in turn polluting your body.

See the connection now?


So before you go out and buy that shiny new, or over-packaged thing, ask yourself if you could find a way to reuse something you already have, or buy something will little to no packaging or do without all together. The planet, all her inhabitants and your body will love you for it.


You can do it.


Comment below.


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