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If I had to pick just one?

March 12, 2017


Over all the years I have been researching ways of being healthy, and experimenting on myself (and the people I have locked in my basement), the top recommendation I would make to achieving optimal health is to eat only those foods that are certified organic.


Seems pretty straight forward, but the fight between whether to pay more for organic food or save money and buy the cheaper stuff, is a powerful one. Money often wins the fight.


What does organic mean? I’m referring to the USDA Certified version. It’s a rather lengthy process, so if you are interested, go here.


Essentially, the important factors with regards to your heath are:


  • The avoidance of synthetic chemical inputs (e.g. fertilizer, pesticides, antibiotics, food additives), irradiation, and the use of sewage sludge;

  • Avoidance of genetically modified seed, Monsanto being the worst culprit.

  • Use of farmland that has been free from prohibited chemical inputs for a number of years (often, three or more).


Reducing toxins is beneficial to  all systems of the body. For women in particular, maintaining a healthy hormone balance is key to overall health. Pesticdes throw your hormones out of whack by mimicking estrogen, which can lead to various reproductive system issues. For men, estrogen dominance can cause 'man boobs'. Sexy.


Let’s not forget the impact pesticides have on the planet and other species.


Where to find organic food?


  • Search for local farmers who sell organic fruit and vegetable baskets. 

  • If you eat meat, look for farmers who raise their animals free range, on land that has not used pesticides or herbicides.

  • Nuts might be harder to find as grown locally, but you definitly want to buy organic, as nuts can otherwise be quite heavily sprayed with pesticides.

  • Check you local health food stores.

  • Grow your own vegetables and herbs.


With regard to processed foods, it is harder to buy crap food that is organic. I’m not suggesting all organic food is fantastic for you, so don’t forget to check the labels for healthy organic ingredients. Sugar is still not good for you even if it is organic.


Here’s a parting thought. When you get cancer and die, you can’t take the money with you, sooo, ya. Stop buying crap you don’t need, consumable or otherwise, and start investing in healthy, local, organic food. Excellent.


As always, remember to leave a comment below, and if you have not already, sign up to receive the 30 day challenge, one e-mail a week, tidbits on how to achieve optimal health.


Here's to your health.



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