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Do unto the planet...

April 17, 2017


Have you ever noticed how the sicker the planet gets, the sicker humans and all other species get? If you want to be healthier, clean up the world around you. We can't douse our bodies with foreign chemicals every day and expect to walk away unscathed. Hee, hee. Unscathed. That word doth amuse me.


Unfortunately, we don't have complete control over our enviornment (although we can certainly do our part). We do however, have control over what goes on our skin. I am baffled by what is allowed to be sold on the shelves of drug stores, which in turn ends up on our body. It's an ironic connection between the damage we are doing to our bodies with all this unnecesssary crap and the drugs that are being sold in the same store to counteract these issues. The wool is being pulled over our eyes people!


Please stop putting so much crap on your skin and let your skin breath. If you want to moisturize your skin, use edible, organic coconut oil. If your skin is so dry that it needs external nourishment all the time, something is missing in your diet. Ask you doctor for blood work to determine in which vitamin or mineral your body is deficient. Supplement if necessary, or better yet, eat more of the foods which contain these missing elements.


If we want to get healthy as a species, we should start replacing all of our drug stores with organic food stores. In the meantime, start getting rid of all that external garbage your body does not need, and save your money for good quality food.


You can do it.

Remember, it's your health. Own it.


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