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It’s scary out here alone!

May 7, 2017



So, you have a health issue, and it sucks, so you try to figure out how to make it suck less.


What do you do? 



Go to the library and take out a book that talks about your specific health issue.



Helloo, the 20th century called and want their research method back. Plus, I don’t have time to read that many books, and do I even have a library card?



Go online and do a search of your health issue and how to fix it.



Holy crap, there is a lot of information out there! Where do I start and what information is accurate?



Go to the doctor and ask them what can be done.



Depending on the issue, the doctor may not know or they may suggest medication or some type of invasive procedure. Maybe this works for you, maybe it doesn’t.



Find someone who has dealt with that same health issue and has overcome it.



What a fantastic idea!  Why did I not think of this before?!  Ok, I’m being a bit of a jack-ass here, but you get the idea. Sometimes you just need someone to hold your hand and get you to the result you want.  You don’t have to figure it out alone, you get to the finish line faster and now you know how to do it for the future.


Think about it. In the meantime, read some more of my blogs for health tidbits and sign up for a free fibroid recipe book.


P.s If you are interested in being part of a free, online health pilot project, send me an e-mail from my Contact page, and let me know. 


Remember. It’s your health. Own it.


Leslie Creelman

Fibroid Liberation




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