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They Call That Food?

May 20, 2017



There are many companies who market products that resemble food, but that are in fact shite,  but one company stands out as leading the pack. It starts with the letter “K”, and if you add the letter “y” to the end, it sounds a lot like a word that is defined as deceitful. I’ll let you figure it out.


One of their products is labelled as “Peanut Butter”. From what I understand of these two words, one takes raw, ideally pesticide-free peanuts and crushes them into a creamy substance. The oil of the nut tends to rise to the top. You spread it on toast or blend it into a smoothie or make a thai, curry, ginger mixture for stir fried veggies. This K company's peanut butter is…different. Here are it’s ingredients:

  • Roasted Peanuts (not organic, which means they are pesticide infested)

  • Soybean oil (likely Monsanto’s genetically modified, round-up sprayed soy beans)

  • Corn maltodextrin (likely Monsanto’s genetically modified, round-up sprayed corn)

  • Vegetable oil and Rapeseed Oil (also not organic)

  • Salt

  • Monoglycerides and Diglycerides (what?)

Well, they start with peanuts. That’s something…I guess.


COME ON!!! This isn’t peanut butter! It’s shit in a plastic container, and somehow this and other companies like it, have been granted the privilege of selling this as food to those who likely don’t know any better, or who can’t afford the non-shit version.


This company makes billions of dollars on their so-called “food”, and can still sleep at night.


The solution? Stop buying it. Spend your hard earned money on good quality food and stop supporting these compaies that might as well be selling crack cocaine.


Remember, it’s your health. Own it.


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