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Stop Blaming Donald

June 4, 2017



I went out for dinner last night with an old friend and we got into a debate about Donald Trump and his negative impact on the planet. Being my usual pain in the ass self, I played devil’s advocate and suggested that there’s no need to worry about Mr. Trump. He’s one man and the U.S is only one country, and we’ll be just fine. It didn’t go over well, but being a pain in the ass rarely does.


What I notice more and more are people wanting to lay the blame on someone else for the state of the world, or the state of their life. There are 7 billion humans inhabiting earth, making decisions every day which impact their lives, the lives of those around them and the entire planet.


Many believe that there is nothing they can do as one person to have a positive impact.  Imagine if 7 billion of you decided it was up to them to make the world a better place, and started to take action, right now. I can guarantee you the impact would be beyond what you could ever imagine.


Now imagine if this same attitude was applied to your health. Stop waiting for a cure or a pill or a doctor to make your life healthier, and start taking action today, to fix the challenge yourself. You are not alone. Jumping on the internet might be a good start. Talk to an expert. Talk to people who have been there, done that. Whatever it takes.


It’s your health. Own it.


Now send Mr. Trump some love. Believe it or not, he’s just human.


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