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Free Spirit Your Exercise

August 28, 2017


Do you, like so many others, require structure to your exercise routine? Does a lack of structure keep you from doing exercise? Do you think having a gym membership, and stylish workout clothes and specific classes and specific instructors is necessary to motivate you?


If you’re at all a free-spirit like me, all this structure is likely preventing you from being active. It becomes an all or nothing attitude. How’s that workin’ for ya? If it is, great! If not, might be time to switch things up a bit, and here’s what I suggest. Free spirit your exercise.


What does this mean? A free spirted human is a person who thinks and acts in a free way without worrying about normal social rules. I want you to take that same idea and apply it to your exercise. Essentially, anything goes.


Here’s an example of what my exercise week might look like (but not always of course):



Bike to work

Take stairs to my floor

Bike home

Stretch while watching tv



Bike to work

20-minute walk at lunch

Bike home

1 minute of pushups before bed



I can’t bike to work today.

Run up several flights of stairs to use the washroom on the 12th floor (I work on the 4th).

Squat jumps before dinner for 1 minute



Rubber-band strength exercises after work.



1-hour local hot room yoga class. I can walk there, and it's only 5 bucks on Friday night.



Roller blade on the bike path.



Wall sit 1 minute

Stair dips 1 minute

Walk on bike path 45 minutes and listen to some good tunes or a podcast.


Notice how there doesn’t appear to be any rhyme or reason to my workout schedule?

The key is, I do something every day. It doesn’t take much, and I base what I do on how I feel in the moment.


  • Nice day? Take a walk.

  • Crap day? Do some resistance training.

  • Cold winter night? Feels like a hot room yoga class.

  • I’m feeling run down?  Meditate or sleep, because that’s what my body needs.

  • Watching tv? Stretch.


I’m never obligated to anything, which makes exercise less of a task and more of something I enjoy in the moment.


So, if you’re a bit of a hippie, tree-hugging, free-spirt like me, this way of exercising might just be for you. Whatever activity you choose to do, it’s certainly going to be better than doing nothing at all.


What activity can you do today that feels right? Climb a tree maybe?




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