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Down With Gluten!

September 24, 2017


It’s week #3, and so far, if you’ve been listening, you should be trying the following:


  • Reducing your sugar consumption gradually.

  • Taking stairs or getting out for a walk daily or every 2nd day.


On to your 3rd challenge.


Autoimmune diseases are on the rise, and a now known culprit is gluten from wheat, barley and rye.


It is also now known that whether or not you are feeling the impacts of gluten, it effects everyone negatively.


Dr. Tom O’Bryan has spent decades studying autoimmune diseases, and has become a leading expert in this area of medicine. Here’s his web site if you are interested in learning more:


With all that said, your 3rd challenge is to start gradually removing gluten from your diet. If you are not eager to give up all grains however, here is a list of foods you should avoid, along with their alternatives:


  • Pasta → Rice, Buckwheat, Millet

  • Semolina → Polenta

  • Bulgur → Rice

  • Couscous → Quinoa

  • Wheat bran → Gluten-free oat bran

  • Bread → Gluten-free bread

  • Cereal → Corn flakes


Even with the gluten free alternatives, limit your consumption. Twice per day, or less would be ideal. If you find this difficult, try weaning yourself off gradually.

I encourage you to look for organic versions of these grains, to avoid the potential consumption of pesticides, but as the narrator of Hammy Hamster always said, “that’s another story.”  If you have no idea who Hammy Hamster is, and you have 45 minutes to kill, here’s a fine video for your viewing pleasure:

You are welcome.


By the way, if you would like to get some one-on-one coaching for free. click the box below, and let's get started.




Leslie Creelman

Online Health Coach

It's YOUR health. Own it.

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